Vote for me! Kids Ministry Blog Madness 2012

12 Mar

Its that time of year again. The Kid’s Ministry Blog Madness 2012 has arrived. I barely made the field as a 17th seed in the West Regional. I need your votes. I need you spouse’s vote. I need your kid’s vote. Let your dog vote for me.


Here’s why you should vote for me.

  1. I’m thejaymart
  2. You love me.
  3. I love you too.
  4. I’m an underdog
  5. I’ll keep all my campaign promises, which I haven’t made any.
  6. I’m nonpartisan, unless you don’t plan on voting for me.
  7. I won’t run attack ads on my opponents.


Go to and vote today! My name is Jason Martin and I approve this message.



One Response to “Vote for me! Kids Ministry Blog Madness 2012”

  1. Lindsey Whitney March 13, 2012 at 8:56 am #

    Great campaign! I haven’t come across your blog yet, so I’m glad you made blog madness. Time for some exploring!

    Lindsey @

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